Thursday, July 16, 2009

Risk Management Made Simple

Last week I heard a story from a event that went something like this. There was a gated entrance where a volunteer was assigned to ensure no one but event volunteers came through. A number of late-teens approached the gate to get through and when told they could not, asked if they could watch the fireworks from there. “No problem.” Shortly after that a couple of beers came out. The teens looked at the volunteer and asked, “Is this a problem?”. “I’m not your mother,” replied the volunteer. Shortly thereafter a joint came out. “Is this a problem?” “I’m not your mother.” When the teens left after the fireworks one was heard saying, “This event rocks. We’ve got tell everybody about it.” Somehow I could not help thinking of the risk management issues involved and with that, I couldn’t help but to think of Linda Graff. Here is a link to a worthwhile article if you have not yet begun to think about risk management in earnest. Thanks Linda.